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Yasmin from the "Forever Diamondz" Collection.



Yasmin was the knownly "First" Bratz doll created in the franchise. She is a Hispanic character with light brown hair, or sometimes dark brown, blonde or even a "Reddish tone". She is and has been usually to doll to make the most in sales. She represents not only hispanic girls, but also any young girl who has a skin tone similar to Yasmins.

Isaac Larien, the creator of the bratz dolls, named Yasmin after his daughter Jasmine, however Yasmin is the persain way of it.

Information, Bio

Yasmin's NickName is "Pretty Princess." Usually because she always has "Royal" Fashion, High glam, and of course, because shes pretty. Yasmin is also shy at times, and can be a little secretive. According to her lucky number is 7, her favorite colors are "Earth" tones, her favorite movies are "Romantic Comedies". Her favorite types of books are "Chick-Lit with happy endings. She likes any "ethnic" foods aswell. Her favorite smoothie is Apple, Favorite band is the Black Eyed Peas, Her favorite class in school is creative writing, She is a bargain hunter when it comes to shopping. Her pet as a baby and child is a little frog with a pink crown.

Yasmin Logo

Yasmin's "Pretty Princess" Token.

Fashion Style, Sense

As stated Yasmin is a bargain hunter. Her makeup is usally calm, Peach lips, Lightened eyeshadow, but for special collections and themes or sometimes even regular she can be seen with feirce red lips and heaver eyeshadow. Yasmin however can usually sometimes be the most "Nicely" dressed from the other characters in the Bratz Pack. She also likes blending diffrent styles to make a graceful and glam look. Yasmin is usually nice and glam, but some collections they really focus on her "Princess" theme and will doll her up in clothing thats fits that.

T.V Series and Movies

Yasmin animated

Yasmin as she appears in the "Bratz Rock Angelz" Movie.

Yasmin in the T.V. Series and animated Direct to DVD movies is very caring for animals. She loves them much in the series. She also appears in her "Funk Out" Outfit, but with her "Flaunt it" or "Bratz 2nd Edition" platform shoes. She also appears with Jade's Hair from the "Funk Out" Jade doll in the animated series. She has been in every episode in season 1 and season 2 of the animated series, and has been in every single Direct to DVD movie. She was voiced by Dionne Quan.