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Sasha as she appears in the "Fabulous Las Vegas" Collection


Sasha takes the role of the "African American" character. She has Dark to light brown hair at times, even in Rock Angelz she had almost blonde hair. She usually is in most collections, but has missed alot in her time.

Information, Bio

Sasha's nickname is "Bunny Boo" beacuse shes in to the whole "Hip-Hop Thang". Her lucky number is 3, her favorite color is red-violet, her favorite types of movies to watch are "Edgy comedies". Her favorite kinds of books are bios about sucesseful people, Her favorite food are power bars, Her favorite smoothie is blueberry, Her favorite music is Beyonce and J LO, Her favorite class is dance, Her shopping style is "Looking for styles to fit all my best friends". Her pet as a baby and a kid is a little white bunny rabit.

Sasha Logo

Sasha's "Bunny Boo" Token

Fashion Style, Sense

She usually wears really urban clothing, she really likes gold white. Her makeup usually used to be really dark lips and light eyeshadow back in 2001, 2002 and 2003. In 2008 when the Bratz Girlz Really Rock collection was released she started a major "Gold, White and maroon" color phase between her fashions. It still goes on now, once in a blue moon she wont be seen in gold, white or maroon. Shes very funky with clothing aswell, usually always looks great in her collections.

T.V. Series and Animated Movies

Sasha 3D

Sasha In "Rock Angelz" Movie

Sasha in the animated series is a bit of a bossy control freak, but her friends love her either way, and she usually only controls things for the good of her friends, shes very warm hearted, and sweet. In the show she has her funk out hairstyle, her first top, just without the "GLAM" words on it, and her second camoflauge capris on with Yasmin's Falunt it shows re-colored Pink. She is played by Tia Mowry in Rock Angelz, Genie Magic, Season 1, Forever Diamondz.