Jade in the "Girlz Night Out" Collection


At first Jade took on the role as the "Other" character too choose from, she grew pretty popular among young girls however, with her "Always on the cutting edge of cool" fashion sense. She usually represents "Asian" girls, sometimes light skinned too, she has been tanned in a few collections aswell.

Information, Bio

Her friends call her "Kool Kat" because shes always on the cutting edge of cool, and she loves cats. Her lucky number is 11, Her favorite color is green, Her favorite kinds of movies are stylish origan films. She likes reading fashion "mags" and loves to eat sushi. Her favorite smoothie is strawberry and her favorite singer is Gwen Stefani. Her favorite class is chemistry, and her shopping style is the coolest shops and the hippest fashions. Her pet as a baby and kid is a little black kitty.

Jade Logo

Jade's "Kool Kat" Logo

Fashion Style, Sense

Jade is all about being in the latest and greatest fashions. She's always up to date. She likes mixing and matching clothes to make the perfect style that she can even doing her hair and makeup a little crazy to, just so she can be the coolest and best one dressed around. Her friends sometimes refer to her as the "Mix N' Match Champ". She went through a major "Pink and Black" Phase in 2008 till 2009 ever since Bratz Girlz Really Rock Triggered. It ended about early '09 but however even now you can still spot collections where she will be in "Pink and Black" styled clothing.

Jade 3D

Jade in the "Rock Angelz" Movie

T.V. Series and Animated Movies

Jade in the animated movie and t.v. series is a total fashionista. She always loves writing about the latest trends and hip fashions for the magazine. She usually appears in a re-color of yasmins tank top just with a "kool Kat" icon on it. She wears cloes capris just fushia/pink. She also has her Girlz Night out hair. She also has a re-color of yasmins flaunt it shoes just black. She is portrayed by Soleil Moon Frye in Rock Angelz, Season 1 , Genie magic, Forever Diamondz.