Dionne Quan


Dionne Quan (born October 20, 1978) is an American voice actress.

Quan, a chinese American, was born in Lexington, Massachusetts to Lori and Daryl Quan. She is legally blind, having been born with optic hyperplasia. Her acting scripts are written in Braille for her. She obtained her first voice work at the age of 14 for television commericals

She played Yasmin in the Bratz Rock Angelz Movie (2005). She also voice Yasmin in the season 1 of Bratz. She also voiced Yasmin in Bratz Genie Magic. She also did Yasmin in Bratz Passion 4 Fashions Diamondz (Forever Diamondz).

  1. Bratz Rock Angelz - Yasmin

2. Bratz T.V. Series , Season 1 - Yasmin

3. Bratz Genie Magic - Yasmin

4. Bratz Passion 4 Diamondz (Forever Diamondz) - Yasmin