Bratz Girlz Rock Cloe

Cloe from the "Bratz Girlz Really Rock" Collection



Cloe takes the role of the "Bleach Blonde" character in the Bratz Pack. She is knownly the "Second" bratz girl to join the group, Yasmin being the first. Though usually very Bleach blonde, she has had some diffrent shades of blonde such as "Dirty Blonde", "Dark" blonde, "Regular" blonde and even a almost orange blonde. She also takes on being the blonde and blue eyed doll aswell.

Information, Bio

Cloe's nickname is "Angel" beacuse shes got heavinly style. Cloe is known to be very over dramatic and freak about the smallest things, Hence why MGA uses the term "Keep this Angel Grounded" for Cloe so much. She is also known to be the sporty and athletic one of the group. Her lucky number is 6, her favorite color is turqiose, her favorite kinds of moves are "Big Epics", Her favorite kinds of books to read are mysterys. She is usually always a vegitarian according to MGA's , Her favorite kind of smoothie is Banana, she dosent really have a favorite band, just whatever is on the cutting edge of "cool". Her favorite class is Art, Her shopping style is for Beauty Products and Glittery Makeup. Her pet when she is a Baby and Kid is A little Pink Pig with angel wings.

Cloe Logo

Cloe's "Angel" Token

Fashion Style, Sense

Cloe is known for having "Heavenly" style, blues, turqiose, pinks, silvers. However in 2008 when the Bratz Girlz Really Rock collection was introduced, she was seen with a "Black and Red" theme and kept this theme going till early 2009. She sometimes was seen with Blue and white though, and pink and white, but primarily it was black and red. She also usually has black or dark brown eyeshadow with peach lips, sometimes she can be seen with very bleach blonde hair and bright red lips, but for collections like, Girlz Really Rock, Rock Angelz and Bratz World, it was calmed down abit and made some of her best looks yet!

T.V. Series and Animated Movies

Cloe animated

Cloe as she appears in the "Bratz Rock Angelz" Movie

Cloe in the animated series and the direct to DVD movies is a major drama queen. She freaks for everything, but her girls love her. She usually appears in her second "Funk Out" outfit from the funk out collection, she also has her Bratz "Treasurez" hair, and a pair of Platform shoes which are a recolor of Yasmin's just dark blue. She is Voiced by Olivia Hack in the Rock Angelz DVD, Season 1 of the animated series, Genie Magic, Forever Diamondz.