Bratz Boyz Cameron


Cameron is the main Bratz Boyz character. Cameron is blonde, with sometimes shades of dirty blonde aswell. He is muscular and usually dress in a generally "Cool" fashion such as musul shirts and tight leather pants. Cameron has light blue eyes to which the bratz say are "dreamy". Cameron usually is the love interest for cloe, as of they both have a crush on each other.

Information, Bio

Cameron is a great skater ( as seen in the animated movies and series ). Cameron is close friends with Dylan and Eitan. He also knows how to say the right things at the right time, not like Dylan just throwing things out there. He also likes to kid around with Cloe alot of the time aswell and usually make her giggle along the way. Cameron is also known to be a great signer aswell, considering her had a few of his own songs on some of the Bratz CD's.

Fashion Style, Sense

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Cameron as seen in 2010 with his super skin tight skinny jeans.

Cameron usually dresses "Cool" so to speak. He usual likes Muscul T-shirts, Tight Leather Pants, Vests, Hats, and sunglasses. He usually stuck with that style sense until 2010 when MGA Entertainment completely updated his look. They gave him a buzz cut, a tie, and super skin tight light blue skinny jeans with skater style sneakers. They finally put the Bratz Boyz in full updated style range.

Cameron's "The Blaze" Icon.