Burdine Maxwell

Burdine Maxwell is a character that exist only in the Bratz Animated movies and T.v. Series. She is the main antagonist of the series mainly. She is a parody of the famous Barbie doll, wearing only pink clothes, a tiara on her head, and even having only pink furniture. And her magazine "Your thing" is also a Parody of Mattels "My Scene" dolls.

Burdine is evil, mean and will try her best to to anything to 'Destroy' the Bratz Magazine, from being there fake teacher and failing them, to hypnotyzing them. She will try her best but always fails in the end of it all. She has to interns named Kirstee and Kaycee. She is known for saying "Mother Of Pink!" all the time. She is portrayed by Wendie Malick.